Friday, February 8, 2008

2 Month update

I have been a bad blogger. Yes it has been over a month since the last posting, I really could have posted sooner, but, really haven't been in the mood when I thought about doing it. Of course I also have not been keeping up on anyone elses either, Sorry folks.

I have been doing drive by blog reading when I can. But Ravelry I read every day, go figure....

Think I will start subscribing with bloglines or something to make it easier to keep up with the blogging world instead of going through all the fave'd links...

Onward we go...

In family land, had a wonderful Christmas, Joey had a blast opening up and helping others open their gifts. Pics will be forthcoming someday, once I upload them all into flickr or photobucket. J&J had a great trip out for the holidays as well. Spent a lot of quality time with them both.

Plod, plod....

Joey had Strep throat last week with the lovely snadpaper rash that accompanies it. A trip to the ER and antibiotics(3x a day) and he was back to normal in 2 days. He was very upset when his 'polka dots' went away on his tummy. and so thankful that he takes his medicine better than most adults, only had to bribe him for a couple of days with candy to take it.

Hmmm FO land

No pics yet of course, but I have finished off several hats. Found a wonderful top down pattern on Ravelry from Knitting Fiend. I have made 7 so far, 4 adult, 2 toddler and 1 baby with ok to great results once I figured out the gauge and all. Used Reynolds Rapture(blue), Yarn Pirate Merino in killer bees(this one is up on Rav), Wool O(organic 50/50 wool cotton in pink), Berreco Comfort in Red(ohh so soft, loved it/1 toddler and 1 adult hat out of 1 skein), Ultra Alpaca Berreco in eggplant and Valley Yarn (WEBS) in Terrecotta.

2 pairs of fingerless mitts. These went so quick 2 days tops to make a pair(with life going on at the same time) I actually had one done in maybe 4 hours. 1 pair in Noro Kureyon(I think) for my Mom, that I received from swap pal Valerie last summer. And 1 pair in 100% alpaca that I picked up from Wool and Gray at the NJ Sheep and Wool Festival last fall. Mom loves hers and I am ok with mine. The alpaca, 1 was fingering weight and the other a lace/fingering weight, so I doubled them up, they are warm and sooooo soft, but the thumb is a little tight and even with trying them on as I went a touch to long at the fingers. Debating whether a ripping is in order to get it right or just enjoy the soft fuzziness of happiness


I have about 20 inches of my Cozy Shawl from Knitty done, Lovely forest green in Berreco Ultra Alpaca. Have 6 pairs of socks on the needles, A's work socks in stockinette, another pair of stockinette in blue and gray on #2(not thrilled with the yarn, but darn it I will finish the pair), half a monkey pair done, 1 pair in a mock cable pattern in a navy blue on Harmonies(daylight anyone), and a lace diamond pair toe up in Red offbrand Cashmere Merino blend that I picked up a stiches last year. Pair # 6 will be discussed later.

Sleeping away are 2 lace weight shawls, a top down raglan baby sweater, a Montego bay scarf.... and some other really old stuff that we won't mention right now.

Yarn Pr0n. I have actually been pretty good. I stopped buying randomly in Dec. I have to date only purchased what was an actual intended project that has either been completed or in progress. No sock yarn has been outright purchased since Dec either. Though,, lol, I really can't count the clubs that were paid for in advance right.

I am sooooo behind, 2 skeins of YarnPirate, sit forlornly on my desk, 2 skeins of Wollmeise, 4 kits from Woolgirl, Xmas, Valentines, SPruce and Irish, waiting patiently for me, with another set to arrive(the last of '07) in a week or so. Not counting everything already stashed.

It's the sock yarns, the lovely hand dyed, soft scrumptious colored wool, that is my undoing. I still lurk on the sites, petting my screen.... eeek...

Enabler I am though, I do point everyone to what I can't have so they can buy it *EG* I am really trying to catch up with my own stash of sock yarn though. Just not enough knit time!!

Swap land, I am still only in one, The Sock It To Me Twice(button side bar tired of linking need a Magic links darn it!!) Finally settled on a pattern and yarn(out of my stash thank you) after several false starts 5-6 patterns and 3 different yarns later, have 3 inches into sock #1 and great plans for the rest of the package. Will be trying my hand at dying for this swap, should be interesting(yes I did buy undyed yarn from knitpicks, but it is not going into the stash so...)

Will be starting a blanket/shawl for an upcoming baby shower for a cousin, the Spanish Christening shawl from Folk Shawls in knitpicks bare Merino/Silk. SOme other friends expecting this year to that I will be finding projects for as well, can't say to much they read this blog occasionally.

Let's see family is still around and kicking, will be working more on the house this weekend, electrical, panaling and drywall, maybe painting see how humid it gets this weekend with the cold front.

Started playing COD4 in Jan, lots of fun. Guild Wars putters along, not to much time in, but Canthan New Year is coming so may hang out for a while there.

Really long glad you made it to the end. Will try to keep up more frequantly this month and get some pics up or post a link to flickr or photbucket when I get them up loaded.

Talk to you soon