Friday, March 20, 2009

Of Spring and Madness

Upon waking this morning, my lovely kidley, runs into the room, yelling "It's snowing Mommy, it's snowing!!" Not quite awake and there not even being rain in the forcast from my vague recollection, and half of mind maybe the satellite box wasn't turned on for his morning toons, I pull back the curtain, and danged if he wasn't right!! Spring being 21 minutes away when the pics where shot.

This was the gooood snow we had been waiting for all winter. Heavy, wet, perfect for packing. Unfortunately I don't think it will still be around when we get home :o(

Of Sock Madness....

It is that time of year again, when the squeaks of sneakers fill the courts, basketballs flying and March Madness overtakes the airwaves (No Survivor last night to watch, dang it!!) And for others, 199 to be exact the Divisions have been set (For Whom the Ball Rolls, Great Knitspectations, Purl and Prejudice and the House of Seven Cables) we're a literate bunch aren't we!!
Round 1 has begun with Mer-tini by Ronni Smith aka raspberry of Rav.

My progress as of 9ish this morning. Learning new things. A new cast on(Twisted German), an afterthought heel with flap(coming soon to a sock near you) and an e wrap cast on. Not progressing as fast as I want, taking breaks more frequantly and icing down the thumb and wrist. Icy hot is my friend, thankfully Andy likes the smell, lol.
News of other Importance...
Joseph turned 4

James turned 18(sorry no new pics of him :o(

Baby passed of lung cancer Feb 9. It was sudden, she suddenly was sick and we went to the vet and we didn't have any options, it was to far advanced, she passed peacefully.

We are heading out on vacation, sometime tomorrow. Driving to Tennessee, to Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains, coming home via North Carolina and the BlueRidge Parkway. Will hopefully post a bit of the trip.

Take care ttyl !!