Saturday, November 22, 2008

Travel and updates

Been over a month since the last update and
I have had a bit going on :P.
Lets see.....

Day tripped to Rhinebeck on
October 18 with some lovely ladies from my knitting group, Twisted Stichters, Holly, Karen and Carol, meet up with Ann later that morning. I had a wonderful time!!! Meet Diane from Creatively Dyed Yarns, had a scrumptious chicken pot pie and delicious mini apple crumb pie.

So much to see and do there!! Hit Autumn House Farms as one of my first must see and shop booths, and spent most of my budget there as intended for this:

First is Sagamore in Crabshack (shades of an olivey green blended with white). This is a cotton, rayon, linen DK weight.

Next is Summer Ice, rayon/silk blend, in Spruce:
and last Sea Island Tweed, a cotton/silk blend in Barnaget Bay:

I went by The Fold to check out the BMFA offerings as they would not be at Stitches East this year. Found three skeins of Rare Gems that needed a new home and just as
I reached the register saw a mill end in a lovely light blue/white color that wanted to come home with me as well.

Picked up some Icelandic Roving in a natual gray color and a new SPindle by Jesh:

I had a wonderful day, the weather was just chilly enough to be happy in the crocheted sweater I had. Some back ground on this sweater. This was my first "real" wool project. The wool came from Ireland, picked up by my Mother in law on her trip to said place several years ago(thinking around 1996-7) I didn't know how to knit then, I was a basic crocheter and found a pattern I liked and hooked away, pieced it together and was very unhappy. It was stiff, itchy, did not fit well at all. So into the closet it went. It cs since out a few time since, again not really thrilled so back into storage it went. As the years passed, I learned to knit and expanded my horizons beyond acrylic into more natural fibers, but still the sweater was, meh.
Then, epiphany, the Friday before I was to leave for Rhinebeck, I thought, what would happen if I took that sweater washed it and blocked it!!! Well duh!

Then we had Halloween.
Joey went as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
The Haul: