Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

I have made it. The intentional Christmas knitting off the needles well before tonight, the unintentionals, 1 left to go, but not a real rush to have it done until this weekend. Presents are all wrapped and ready to be sorted. Baking is done.(8 dozen cookies distributed) i really intended more but the urge has gone for tonight.

I am having a knitting crash tonight. I really want to work on my Cozy or the socks. Lots of gorgeous yarn waiting to be cast on. But the urge isn't there. hopefully after a break tomorrow i will be back in the mood. The pressure of even planned holiday knitting is still a lot of pressure. Is it right, did it block out, will anyone notice that weird looking stitch but me or should I rip out the entire thing??? (Actually did that 3 times each on two of the projects...) Will they like it. New to the holiday knit gift giving as a primary gift, really nervous too. ahh well....

Off to put the gifts under the tree, make sure Santa gets his chocolate chip cookies and milk and be forgiven because I forgot the carrots for the reindeer. Think they would like chocolate chip or snickerdoodles instead????

To all my friends out there IRL and in blogging land, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, a inspirational Solstice, had a joyful Diwali, Happy Hannukah, joyous Kwanza(running out of adverbs here) hope you had/have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our First Snow Fall

Joey and the Xmas Tree

Joey after setting up Grandpa's trains

Joeys head and half of the finished fireplace and bookshelf

Another drought in blog land. A little less than a month this time. No pics this round, need to upload still.

this is a dual update and contest posting for SITM Twice.

After my protestations that I was not going to sign up for any swaps this season, I did with Sock it to Me Twice, the kicker and why I did sign up is I have until March to accomplish the major parts, like knitting a pair of socks!!

The Holidays are upon us with a vengence. 6 days to go!! My Holiday knitting is actually almost done. I think. Pics and details on blog after the holidays, though Ravelry will be updated this week most likely. A few ends to weave in on the last official project and it should be. Now the problem is I keep thinking, well I still have to get something for so and so, maybe I should knit something up real quick. Then I go delve into my stash find the miscelaneous skein of whatever and bring it into the house and there it sits on my desk in a forlorn manner waiting for me to cast on for something quick easy and gorgeous, that would be perfectly appropriate for the recepient. Guess how many skeins are arrayed on my desk...... Well other than pets none, I did finally give up on the idea that I would cast on any of the 8 skeins that had previously populated my "Maybe I could" pile. Actually 2/2 skeins of pink and variegated novelty are back on my desk for a quick hat and scarf set for a younger cousin, maybe. Anyone else ever go through this???

But onward. We have had the obligatory first snowfall, pics are pending, received a couple of inches of snow and an inch or so of ice about 2 weeks ago. Last storm brought ice and rain. Looks like it will be a cold and snowless Christmas this year, ahh well, you never know til the day arrives, I can hope.

James and Jessica will be out for a week the day after Christmas. Can't wait to see them. They have reported passing grades for the sememster, YEAH!!

Joey has decided that when he plays, he "Can't Mommy, I am busy" while playing and that is just when I check up on him, you know when they get real quiet and you start to wonder what they are up to, quiet. 3 months shy of 3years and such a stinker. again pics pending. Up to 3-4T now, growing so fast. Teary moment - I so miss that teeny baby stage, when I held him, cuddled and sleeping on my chest for naps, all curled up and warm. We co-sleeped with him until he started to roll around and kick to much, only so much room on a queen size, ya know. But those first 2-3 months such cuddles. Then the rocking to sleep in his room, holding him in my lap while I read stories and he looked at the pics, Goodnight moon, Runaway bunny, Pajama Time. Sometimes 2 or 3 rounds each. Now, he wants to hold the books and sit in his bed to read his truck books and rarely do I get the privlidge of cuddles and books. Ahh well the time goes fast and I will take what I get, he's health and happy and such a little boy.

The tree is up and decorated. Joey is getting a big kick out of 'ismas, as he likes to say. Andy put the lights up outside this year, just for Joey, as he loves the lights on everyone elses house. Next year will be some preplanning and will probably do more than just the gutters.

Ahhh, the fireplace is finished, and fires have been going almost every weekend and occasionally on a weekday and with the decorations and tree up it looks great!!!. Andy did a excellent job with the tile and trim and accents the bookshelves wonderfully.

1 more quick trip and the holiday shopping will be done for me at least.

I have just realized it has been a long and not to much to report month for me. Work putters along with its ups and downs.

Knitting goes on, wonderful additions to the stash from Wollmeise, highly reccomend their yarn, the colors are so rich and beautiful!! Ravelrs can find it in my stash, Very generous sock skeins as well, 575 yards, shipping from Germany really wasnt that bad either, price was decent and only took 2 weeks. Also Club shipments from WoolGirl, Highly reccomend signing up for the 2008 Sock Club and/or for 7 Deadly S(p)ins, if you haven't already. Jen's taste are impeccable to date and these promise to be trully wonderful offerings.

I will admit I am a little (just a little, lol) behind on my own knitting, but I have finished another hat for Andy, have almost 6" done on my Cozy shawl(I love the Ultra Alpaca from Berrecco!!) and I keep trying to magic link and it's not working!!! and only 3 active socks OTN! We won't count the inactives yet, shhhh, they're sleeping....

Other Knitting stuff, ahh my dearest daughter Jessica, is firmly and officially interested in knitting. Her first major project over the summer, a prayer shawl using.... Homespun. She enjoyed it and survived it, without any major trauma and is looking to do a hat over the Holidays!!

Have officially used my Harmony dpns and love them. They have the slick feel of the nickel and the lightness of wood, though the are grabbier than the nickel, but not as grabby as bamboo. And Options, ohhh, much better IMO than Addie's. though I will admit I haven't tried any lace project with them, so that opinion is still in progress. I did have a small crisis with a cord pulling out and Knitpicks Customer Service was excellent, no questions asked, just confirmed who I was, which size, and had the replacement in a week. Cool huh!

That about covers it, I have rambled on enough. I will try to post up pics this weekend.

Happy Winter Holidays to all!!!