Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our First Snow Fall

Joey and the Xmas Tree

Joey after setting up Grandpa's trains

Joeys head and half of the finished fireplace and bookshelf


Anonymous said...

Very pretty pictures. Looks like you are all in the holiday spirit! Merry Christmas!

- Your Sock It To Me Pal

Valerie said...

Merry Christmas!

zippiknits said...

Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas! The snow shots were wonderful and the tree, too. Lovely! Having snow up out there, the tree and a nice big fire place for Santa must have helped set the mood.

Isn't it sweet when the boys, young and old, can set up their trains to go round and round the tree? DH used to set his up under the tree.

Hope your 2008 is going along swimmingly.