Saturday, April 5, 2008

Round 2 Sock Madness Fini!!!!!

Round 2 of Sock madness is finished!!!! took 6 days just about. Great pattern Reversai (link for Rav) by Janine Le Cras. I used BMFA STR light weight in Azurite. Some stash busting going on with this Madness, didnt buy yarn for either round used from my stash yeah!!!

Saving up for MSW. I want to try/learn spinning and saving up to get some basics, no wheel yet, keeping it to drop spindle to see if I like it, then maybe for Christmas(hint, hint) look into getting a small one.

Mom and Steph will be out for that weekend as well, can't wait to see them.... they will be out for a week..

Oh, previous picture post, was checking out the blog this from flickr and posted up the pic of joey and Bull. Still need to post up pics from the 3rd Birthday party. here is one to tide over until
Mr Mopey face, cause he couldnt touch the cake yet...
Opening presents....

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