Friday, August 14, 2009


Gahh need to post this week!

Violet says: Bernadette's owl will fly tomorrow, had to wait for payday as I did not have a single spare knut to my name. Had fun putting this together and really hope she enjoys her summer suprise!! Summer camp has been fun this year!!

In the muggle world, we have 11 green bell peppers going with a bunch more looking ready to pop. tomotoes are taking their sweet time to ripen, I think it is all the overcast damp weather we have had this summer. they seem to make growth spurts when it is hot and sunny out! have some beef steak and some reg round ones all nice and green and getting big!

I have signed up for Socks for Soldiers. yahoo link and Rav link. Had been thinking about this for a while, then a sudden urge to do it struck after, well, these details are still mostly in the works will update the general population later! Will probably end up doing some beanies and gators as well by winter.

Signing off as I am dragging tired. night!

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