Monday, November 5, 2007

Drive By posting STrike that a Real Update instead...

A quick update. Halloween went great Jeoy had a blast, Will post pics eventually. Still socking along. Almost finished with the last committed pair and it will be all for me. At least until Feb/March.bI (please forgive me) signed up for Sock It to Me Twice. HAve the Sock Stash Eliimination going along as well hopefully to decrease some ot the st
Ok, that was supposed to be a drive by post from last week that I never got back to... Well Halloween was great and Joey did have lots of fun going trick or treating with his cousins. He was polite, said thank you and blew a kiss to almost every house that gave him him a treat. Pics of my lovely dragon, he said RAWR a lot too!!

These are from the school's Halloween party and parade.

In other news, almost finished with Andy's sweater, all pieced together AND IT FITS!!! Just need to weave in a couple of loose ends at the neck and it will be completely done. Also finished off the last pair of committed socks, a pair of eyelet spirals(can be viewed on my flickr or Ravelry)for a very special Ravenclaw. Finished off one of the 'It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown' socks, just in time for the 'Christmas Story' package to arrive from WoolGirl. Jen did her usual excellent packing and presentation. Would have gone under the tree if it was up, it was so Christmasy

AHHH lets see what else, Mon or Tues can't remember which received my Hogwarts Sock Swap package from Ophelia- Love the colors so bright and rich with a lovely diamond pattern... A notebook, Some wonderful smelling lotion and soap, very pretty stitch markers, size #4 dpns in birch(needed those), A Harry Potter puzzle, a couple of great magnets, I loved the card!!! and a tin of knitters mints. The socks are especially special, because Ophelia hand dyed the yarn especially for these socks and so, for me!
Been catching up on podcasts. Lime n Violet are hilarious, listening to them always brightens the day and the looks you get when you laugh hysterically at seemingly nothing, whoooohoo!! And listening while at the voting polls, mmmhhhmmm... those from NJ will understand, after voting for issue #4 regarding "the idiots and insane" this year and not meaning the politicians for once, lol!!
That's about it..... Had a wonderful brunch on Sun in Montclair with fellow Ravelers at Stix n Stitches even made it into their blog!! Got to meet Mary Beth Temple of The Secret Language of Knitters and will be going to her book signing in December. Lots of wonderful people at the brunch, my Friends list tripled after...(sorry if I don't remember your real name, I knd of suck at that) Lynn, Pieheart, Mrs Mattesky, QuirkyKnitter, Sheila, and everyone who's names I can't remember(i do remember faces though... sometimes...)Hopefully they will do this again, talk of making it monthly was going around. It was lots of fun, talking knitting, shopping, munching(the cinnamon pastry was divine, as was the homeade coconut bread!!)
Hmmm Stitches never did post about that, did I..... Had a great, if exhausting time. Barry Klein's class on top down Raglan was the best out of all of them, the others Stashology(not really what I expected but interesting), Cabling class, good learning expierience, I should be able to cable.. (didnt mean to rhyme it though, lol) Sampler was ok, but way too much by Sunday, cut that one short. Inner Harbor was gorgeous, enjoyed walking down from the hotel and having lunch with a friend at Cheesecake factory.
The Market, was HUGE, I was so glad I had a plan when I hit it on Friday. It was so overwhelming. Picked up some great yarn though. From Storm Moon Knits some wonderful colorways in Gaz, Cyndi Lauper, THe Great Pumpkin and I Put a Spell on You and some great stitch markers that I dan't find the pick for, but are on her shop page.....
Went to BlueMoonFiberArts to see and touch to find out what everyone is so hot about. The colors are much better in person!!! and squishy soft as well, walked away with 3 skeins of lightweight in PondScum(MUCH better in person), Atomic 6 and Azurite and I did (shhhhh) sign up for Socks that Rock Club 2008(confirmation came last night).
FOund some wonderful alpaca(no name) in a charcoal grey, wish I had picked up more though. $21 for 650yards and so soft!!!! only got 2 should have bought more :-(.
Lots of touchy feely at all the yarn I could get my little paws one, enjoyed the rich colors as well. Will make it a little easier to shop online for some things, now that I know how it feels and the colors look IRL. With so many shops online now, I didn't have to break the budget, I can now comfortablely go to their respective website and have a good feeling about what I am getting and not the "let's pray shot in the dark" feeling about what will arrive.
On that note, Have made reservations for next year, Nov 6-9, 2008 at Baltimore, again and will sign up as soon as the brochure hits the mailbox or sooner if they open online reg up early agian!!!
If you have made it this far, you really must be bored or way to interested in my life, lol. Hope you enjoyed the reading and weren't to bored.
Have a wonderful day, stop by again real soon....


James (Your Other Son) said...

WOW that was long E-Mail me pics of joey and i have a medical question to ask you.

silfert said...

That is one cool dragon! Sounds like you've been busy in a good way.