Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Update, Sock it to Me Twice, Fo's

First an update, it has been a while...

Other than having a vicious cold, that has killed my voice(probably have a good phone career for a couple of days, lol), Joey started the cold cycle and is doing better though still off just a tad, Andy's still hacking away, think if he isn't better by Wed, drag him to work for a CXR and antibiotics.

We woke up to snow on Monday. Big, white, fluffy flakes. If it had been a little colder, probably would have stuck. Ahhh well, turned to rain by afternoon. It was pretty though. Anybody else love the way snow looks while you are driving, the tunnel flying at you thing, I think it's neat anyway.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving. I will be baking an apple pie and a pumpkin custard thing(have to go to Rachel Ray's website for this recipe) that the Dear MIL has requested.

Looking at the Black Friday ads to see if there will be anything on the XMas lists for a good price. I will NOT be getting up at 2am again. Did it last year and not happening this year, unless it is free and I have to have it can't live without at, the world will end if it is not in the house, etc... so yeah...

Had a wonderful delivery yesterday.... what was it you ask.... Yarn Pirate!!! in BFL(blue faced leichester) Never touched BFL before.... ohhh boy, I pulled a L&V when I touched it. Yeap I squeed, LOL!!!! and the colorway is gorgeous, Georgia really did a wonderful dye job. Wound it up then and there and I have a new pet for my desk until I decide what pattern. Thinking maybe a shawlette or scarf.

Will be going to a book signing for Mary Beth Temple - Secret Language of Knitters on Dec 2 in Montclair. I met her at the Ravelry brunch at Stix-n-Stitches early this month, wonderful lady, book promises to be a great read!!

Finished 2 projects this week, the stockinette hat for Andy(only took about 2 weeks of off and on knitting), and my Halloween socks from WoolGirl are done.

I have since cast on 2 more pair for me. The Nov Mystery from Mona at SKA(Ravelry) were re-cast on last night with metal DPN's, I tried with the bamboo #0 and #1 and was too nervous with every bend and uhhggg, thankfully nothing snapped, so #1 nickle and much happier. Also cast on the Rivendal from Chameleon ColorWorks(August), love the evolution yarn, hopefully they will be back on track for next year.

Once my order from Stix-n-Stitches arrives I will be casting on for Holiday Projects. I promise though no one is getting socks from me, maybe.... Really trying not to over commit myself with holiday knitting this year... see how it goes....

My Sock it to Me Twice Questionnaire!! for inquiring minds who really want to know......

1. How long have you been knitting? Do you consider yourself beginner, intermediate, advanced? I have been knitting for about 5 years now off and on, steadily for the past 8 months. I figure I am comfortable intermediate.
2. How long have you been knitting socks? 8 months
3. What are your favorite fibers to work with? right now merino/bamboo blend from Mama Llama has been the best so far, with a close second to a merino/tencel blend I picked up from Cherry Blossom Fibers
4. What is your favorite color? Red
5. What are your current WIPs (works in progress)? actually working 3 socks(2 for me, 1 for DH). Will have a some holiday projects going on the needles after thanksgiving.
6. Name your favorite yarns, (brand, fibers, colors, etc.). see #3 and lets see.... actually Ultra alpaca from Berraco(going to be a Cozy shawl someday) for none sock, Reynolds Rapture I just picked up and really like(that will be a scarf or shawl eventually) Just received some BFL, which I am still petting. Colors, I like jewel tones or natural and willing to try most anything fiber or color wise.
7. What are some yarns/fibers that you stay away from. Lion Brand wool ease(feels nice to touch but working it feels like fiberglass) qualifier, I will use acrylics though Simply soft, Baby stuff etc...
8. What is your family situation? (Married, kids, pets?) Married, 3 kids(2 1/2 year old at home) 6 cats and 2 dogs(Bull mastiff and Shepard/Chow)
9. Name some of your hobbies. obvious first, knitting and crocheting, PC gaming(BF2, DOD, Guild Wars, Hellgate London), reading.
10. Name some of your favorite movies? The Fifth Element, Breakfast Club, Hackers
11. Do you like to read? Yeap, Sci/Fi, Fantasy, limited Romance and Mysteries. Amazon
12. Do you collect anything? Chop sticks(yes the kind you eat with), shot glasses when I go to new places, fuzzy pens.
13. Do you own an iPod or mp3 player? both use the iPod more
14. What are your favorite type of knitting needles? Rosewood and Harmony primary and the KP nickle plated, then birch and bamboo.
15. What knitting notion could you not live without? crochet hook
16. Who are some of your favorite designers? Cookie A, Anne Hanson(Heavens, have you seen her new shawl with thraven!!!)
17. Do you subscribe to any magazines? (Knitting or otherwise.) Parents, Parenting and PC Gamer
18. When is your birthday? Nov 7
19. Do you have a "wishlist", (on Ravelry, Froogle, or Amazon)? Amazon see #11, Ravelry anything in my favs
20. Do you have a Ravelry ID? JenC
21. If you had a sheep, what would you name it? hmmm that is a toughie. I like to name critters/pets based on personality and looks, so have to meet him/her first.

Now for the questions my pal asked me via email bright and early this morning:

The first scarf I will probably cast on for myself will be the Tigers eye or the Dragon scale, just acquired some lovely BFL that seems a waste for socks(though they would be wonderful). I do have plans to cast on for the Butterfly Shawl and or the Kimono Shawl before the end of the year. It will all depend on my mood though.

For socks, average cuff is 6" for me, though I do have a couple of Cookie A's knee high patterns in my pattern file that I like. Haven't done any ankles yet for myself. Patterns/colors, I pretty easy going and love anything that is hand made for me. Colors that I avoid for myself though tend to be the candied colors. I do not mind being pushed out of my color/fiber zone. That's why I joined sock/fiber clubs :-)

This will close out today's episode. Will try to update this weekend on the triptophene(sp?) coma wears off....


silfert said...

Happy Birthday! I got you a cold remedy! Heat a cup of lemonade until it's steaming, then stir in two tablespoons of honey and a dose of eucalyptus essential oil. Proper dosage of the oil is one drop per ten pounds of body weight. You can drink this up to three times daily, unless you have some weird allergy or are in the midst of producing offspring.

Wool Girl said...

LOVE your Halloween socks Jen! WOW! Hope you are feeling better over the holiday! Lots of rest!