Friday, March 14, 2008

March updates Happy birthdays

Pics may be a wahile, the usb cord for the good digital camera is missing and the old digital camera wont sync with Vista so will have to get/find something(work) to sync up the old camera and upload stuff, so bear with me a bit. Check flickr for some stuff. Still trying to figure out how to put a flickr feed onto the page....

Let see...... It's still cold and occasionally rainy but no snow. James is now 17(3/7), Joey is 3(3/10) and because I didn't mention before Jessica is now 15(1/10). Cousin JJ turned 2 in January as well. Happy Birthday to Steph as well, cause I really didn't forget.

Hmmmm knitting front, Fininshed up the SITM II package, a little late, but wen't out on thursday, hope she likes everything and finds the socks comfie.

Started my gluttony socks from the Seven Deadly S(p)ins club. Have about 3 inches in and got an email from Sock Madness II, which I forgot I had signed up for. So gluttony is one hold and Zombie are active. Just finished the 2nd repeat for sock one, Startedthis morning on break. My first try with 2 circs as well. Have the Spanishing Christing Shawl on the needles with Knitpicks bare Merino/Silk and pattern and yarn set for another shawl/blanket. Wool laid in for a family piece as well(Mom knows :) )


James Stephan said...

jessicas b-day is jan. 8th and FINALY an update :). i had something else to tell you but i forgot.

zippiknits said...

Hmm.. well, Happy Birthday, or something there... ;O)

I subbed up with bloglines finally because it was getting so hairy trying to keep up with all the blogs I read. It's been great so far, sort of, except when it wasn't synchronized with some other thing that it was supposed to be. I don't ask to many questions before I just re-subscribe it. That fixed whatever was wrong. sorry this got SO DARN LONG! This is supposed to be about your socks!

Great going on your Zombies and a sock yarn surprise beats a two month electric bill, yes?