Friday, March 21, 2008

Sock Madness Round 1 - Zombies!!!

Well I took on the challange of Sock Madness. I started a little late, pattern was released on Thursday March 13, while I was at work for a 5p-1a shift. And considering I had forgotten all about signing up for it, doh! I perused my Rav stash while on break, trying to figure what of my stash would work, had 5 picked out. Got home crashed, woke up got J ready for school A ready for work myself ready for work, took a minute to find my never used KP Options 3.0mm circulars x2, and the first yarn bin held the Tofutsies #737 Footsteps, one of the five. I took this as a sign, dumped all into my bag(needles and 1 skein of yarn) and left for work.

So to re-cap, cast on Friday March 14(don't ask me what time I was happy to be awake), kitchnered off today Friday March 21 at 146pm EST. My fingers are achy, my hands have a nice fine tremor and I am ready for round 2!!!!

In other news.... I picked up someMMMMMalabrigo laceweight, I know I wasn't supposed to buy any more for a while, but I didn't have any appropriate or not already earmarked lace weight in the stash, and Sock madness one pattern will require lace weight, soooo.... I picked up, Pearl ten( alovely greyish brown and pagoda also lovely in a soft burgandy color, and is it nummy soft or WHAT!! this is snuggle stuff, cuddle along your neck downy chick soft. Delivered with the wonderfully great service from Jen at WoolGirl. With some lovely, sniffable Banana Butter lip balm from naiad soap arts, tastey!. Oop and a great stitch Marker from sinneshine. I will add it to my collection.

I will say, being in multiple swaps and in the truely most excellent sock clubs from Jen, I have amassed a wonderful collection of unique stitich markers. So much so I have displayed them when not in use. Will post pics soon, as photo uploads are a pain in the tushie, I have lost and currently have on order the usb cable for the decent digital camera. In the mean time using the older digital camera which is not vista compliant, guess what I run. So I have to find a systme still wiht XP, which happens to be for work, hmmm. So photos generally get uploaded once a week off the old camera which I need the right lighting to get good yarn shots.... But back to the stitch markers, got a great little jewelers board(black) from Fire Mountain Gems with some silver u hooks for a great price and have them all displayed and sitting on my desk for me to enjoy.

Other than that everything and one is doing great. Getting ready for a great Easter weekend wiht the family, hoping the weather holds for Sunday so we can take J to an Easter Egg Hunt at a local church. And lots of great homemade food!!!! kielbasa, ham, homemade chicken noodle soup, bread, all super nummy!!

Have a Happy Easter All!!!!!

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Barbara said...

Oooooooo... feelin' the fiber love!

Thanks for letting us see your progress on the Challenge. I adore socks. I can't turn heels to save my life ;)
Let us see your stitch markers, too!