Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sock Stash

Well I finally did it, counted it all up and took one big picture....not as bad as I thought actually... I am still going to keep my self imposed diet though for personal and financial reasons. But here is the pic of it all laid out -
If I used it all for socks, ie its fingerweight or sport, superwash and/or with a nylon blend, meant for socks, I have enough for 84 pairs. Take out what is earmarked and wsa purchased specifically for shawls or scarves and I go down to 72. Still a tad daunting, but I will persevere and it will grow a bit, I still have Wool Girl Sock club and Deadly spins that may add to it, but not more than 2-3 skeins before summer is over I believe.
My self imposed goal - no buying for me, sock yarn that is, until I am down to at least half or roughly 35. Gifting of yarn to me of course doesn't count towards this, lol. Seems daunting, I have a game plan. 52 Pair Plunge will help and so will Summer of Socks (buttons on the bar) contest to get the most socks done in a summer and try to do 52 pair in a year.
I have cast-on my first pair(midnight last night) with some of the ladies from SOS08 on a chat group last night. A Christmas Story, yarn by White Oak Studios, pattern by WoolGirl. toe up, this will be my third sock and hopefully complete toe up pair, fairly easy pattern so should go quick.


Carolyn said...

Love your sock makes me feel so much better about!

silfert said...

Hah! If I were another kind of person, I'd feel guilty about mine. IF! :)

Anonymous said...

haha! lol girlie! that is a lot of sock yarn! you better get to order to make up that many pairs! i don't have near as much sock yarn but rest assured i have plenty of other types of yarn! it is crazy!