Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SEcret PaL package today!!

It all started with a box and a lovely card with a pink knitted scarf and a theme.

My dearest son hepled Mommy open each wrapped item, Lot's of lovely goodies, some Tasty Cherry tic Tacs, a needle threader some cute sock point protecters(red), a gorgeously soft skein of Cascade Heritage in Red

A set of red and silver handmade stitch markers and a very pretty pair of red agate earrings

A sock knit book Knit Socks! that has been on my wish list for a while, already have a couple earmarked . A notebook and pen in red!! Set of 2 DPN WIP tubes!!! already in use with the hello Kitty socks with no more needles poking out of the bag adn worry about snapping with transport is down!! and all wrapped up in red tissue paper!!

Here is Joe with the haul!!!

Thank you so much Secret Pal!!! I love my superbly wonderful Red package!!!!


laura said...

oh youre so lucky! that all looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

whew! i am so glad you got your package! i love to do a theme! the red stuff was so much fun! i hope you enjoy it!

silfert said...

Yum with a capital YUM! Tell us more about the Cascade Heritage!!