Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Tokena's are done:

Cascade Heritage in Butter and Plum using 2.75mm Signature arts needles.
Cast on 937am on Sat April 4, 2009 Cast off 616pm April 8, 2009. Wheww, relax a bit before Round 3 of Sock Madness launches.

Ordered the some parts for the wheel. Sadly this wheel is no longer in production and only one vendor I have found, Detta's Spindles, has any spares for it and even she reports supplies are getting lean. The owner of the company is no longer making anything for the wheels, but is slowly cleaning out existing inventory. Fortunatley offers to repair existing wheels and pieces though.

Ordered some basics, drive bands(string), oil bottle with the fancy tip, some of the leather bits, instruction manual for the care of my Country Craftsman adn 3 bobbins and a standard whorl(10:1) which are backordered.

Detta was wonderful to talk to. Very helpful and informative about my wheel and what I would need and could do without as well as the over all status of future parts. I may stock up a bit on the available stuff just to be safe and order a few more bobbin in the future as my wheel will only accomadate the 2 ounce version with the flyer I have and the 4 oz flyer is no longer available. THough if any knows of anyone willing to part or finds one, huhhmmm, hint hint, lol.


silfert said...

Darn you!! Now I have ANOTHER pair of socks that I need to make! :D

Hermione Bagnold said...

Wow! Those look fabulous!