Sunday, April 5, 2009

We interrupt.....

This sock -

Notes Sock Madness III Round 2 - Tokena using Cascade Heritage in Butter and Plum.
For This!!!!

A spinning wheel for me!!! A gracious and wonderful gift from my mother in laws friend Linda!!
The Makers Mark is there on the bottom: The country Craftsman Littleton, MA J Rooney.
Needs a little cleaning up and drive bands, and a new piece of leather string for the treatd and will have to find more bobbins, but can't wait!!. It is near perfect condition!!!
thank you Linda!!!!


silfert said...

FREAKIN' DROOL, MAN!! Like Homer Simpson confronted with a mountain of donuts!

Miz T. said...

Aha! I purchased a wheel at auction last weekend, and have been perusing the internet to find one like it. It is twins with yours! Congratulations! Do you have any idea how old it is? I know the company is gone, but when was J. Rooney making wheels? I need some more of those teeny bobbins too!
Lauri in Maine