Monday, August 17, 2009

Swapiness Received!!!

I arrived home from work today with a lovely owl perched on the stoop. Gave her some fresh water and owl treats and off she went leaving me a parcel to open.
and this is what I found when I opened my parcel:

From my Summer Camp Friend Antonio, I have Werthers Original, old fashioined lemon drops(absoulutly love them!!) biscuits, and a Hershey Cocoa bar (hidden from the kidlet) A lovely tote bag with some scrumptous hand painted yarn.

A gorgeous felted bag, just right for my circs!4 gorgeous patterns, a scarf from Ann Hanson(which will probably get the sunshiney yarn :p) and 3 of Mario Knits patterns, which I am absoulutly delighted about, as I love his work!!
Thank you so much for a great parcel Antoinio!!