Thursday, June 28, 2007

Games I play and things I do

To answer comment left I currently play Guild Wars all 3 campaigns and eagerly awaiting the expansion pack at the end of the summer GW:EN. I also play Battlefield 2, Day of Defeat 1.6 and Source.

I also read, my knitting is at the computer beside me for long screen loads and map changes. I chase my 2 year old around and yell at my teenagers. When I am not pushing the cats and dogs out of my path.

All this I do after working full time as a Clinical Office Manager for a Emergency Physicians group.

And yet I have managed to make 4 pairs of socks this year 3/4 of a sweater and half of a lace pattern (easy) scarf.

Yeah I dont get enough sleep by a long shot.

Well enough rambling about me. Off to the sand box with Joey and do some sorting for the Garage sale this weekend.

Happy Trails to you....

1 comment:

Anne said...

LOL sounds about like my life ;) Just played WoW for a while, now swap and blog stuff, then knitting, then up again in the morning for work! Can't imagine doing it + kids though!