Friday, August 15, 2008

Ravalympics, Secret Pal question and swapiness!!!

In no particular order....

For this years Summer olympics, I joined the Ravalympics and decided to Tri-athalon. My chosen events were the Sock Put, the Hat Dash and the Cowl Jump.
I have to date medaled in the:
Cowl Jump with Ilean, using Celestial Worsted in Concerning the Hobbits by StormMoonKnits
<-----My medal !!
The Hat Dash The Amanda Hat in Berreco Peruvia
<----------My other Medal!!!

Onto wonderful swappiness!!!

Thursday arrived home with a package from my super wonderful Secret Pal!!
Theme BLUE

Overall picture click to flickr for notes. But A wonderful knitting journal, A lamenated pocket knitting guide, A to do list note pad(on the fridge!) a beautiful skein of Regia in shades of blue, some Soak, Absoulutely positively gorgeous cobalt flower stitch markers and earrings(close up below), the cutest knitter socks!!(close up below), garment labels, a notion bag, new tape measure(needed that!) DPN holders(just got some more orginazition is good!) a little note book for my notions bag. All lovely stuff!! Thank You Secret Pal I love it all!!!111!!

Secret Pal Question #10: What Olympic event would best describe you knitting/knitting style?
I have been thinking about this one. Not really sure what event. My knitting style, slow and steady most of the time with an occasional project at a sprint. don't know what event that would be, any one knows please let me know, lol.
And another Secret pal update, have a package or two on there way to my pal this week. Hope she likes...

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silfert said...

Blue is an outstanding theme. I approve.