Sunday, August 10, 2008

Secret Pal question catch up and Life Catch Up

Been a little behind in my posting, haven't been feeling very chatty the last two weeks. but thanks to my Secret Pal :0)(Thank you) I am catching a up a bit tonight!

Week #8

What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening? Anything grilled. Usually a nice steak, occasionally chicken or pork chops. Up until this summer was using this wonderful bbq sauce left over from my family re-union in Arkansas. Great little bbq place just down the hill from the B&B we stay in may be in Winslow, not sure though. Pit BBQ. Sauce is truely the best I have ever had, mild with a nice bite of flavors, finally used up the last of the quart in June, sigh.

Week #9
In many communities, "the fair" is a great place to visit and spend
time with your family. It's also where many have entered one product
or another (jams, cakes, even knitting)...

Have you ever entered your knitting (or anything else) in the fair?
Would you ever consider it? Nope never entered and never really considered, I guess I don't consider myself "good" enough yet.

I do enjoy going to the fairs, state and county , local events, and looking at the art exhibits and seeing the entries.

A little more update. I am entered into the Ravelympics for the Summer games. I am competing in the Hat Dash, The Amanda Hat. The Sock Put with Fruit Loops and The Cowl Jump with Ilean. All projects are posted on my projects page and I will post to the blog when completed.
Summer of socks goes on, Completed 3 pairs so far for that and a total of 7 pairs for 52 pair plunge and have 2 pairs currently on the needles, the fruit loops in appletini(Yarntini) and Reina(WoolGirl pattern yarn by Mama Llama).
Been lagging behind on the knitting a bit, getting the pain back in my right thumb and wrist. will be calling the orthopedist tomorrow for an appointment and see what he has to say this time. Hopefully can get by with just another steroid shot, fingers arthritically crossed, lol., IsMas knitting is falling behind.
2 more weeks and I have the week off with Joey. Hoping for a beach trip, he had been asking all summer to go and this will be the week if the weather cooperates!

Will be sending out my 2nd and final Secret Pal 12 package tomorrow as well. I enjoyed finding what I hope will be the right specials for her. Hope I didn't go overboard on the sweets though, I did put a couple of things back in the end, lol.

Hmmm. OH!! Official note, effective 2 weeks ago Joey is officially Potty Trained!!! No more diapers/pull ups!!! Still working on not flushing all 50 KanDoo wipes at the same visit though *frown*, LOL!

yarn diet is holding fairly well, 2 skeins gifted to me(swap and Mom) Mom sent me some Sock Ease from Oklahoma, now back burnered to decide which pattern to knit. and I did buy 1 skein of KP Essential in Jester to make Joey some socks, I havent decided whether to rip back the toes on the first couple of pair from this year that he has already outgrown. Kid is wearing a 10.5 kid shoe already, eek. that is 2 shoe sizes since spring. Clothes are holding, buying large 4-5T just to make sure we make through to winter at least. Pant shopping in a couple of weeks when the back to school sales start.

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silfert said...

Potty training? Ulp. Gimme a few more months, I might be asking some "technique" questions. ;)