Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Somebody Loves Me!!!

We are on vacation this week. Went to the beach on Monday.
Mom(me) and Joe

Dad and joe


Tuesday my Dear Sweet Loving Husband was feeling crafty!! And this come out of the workshop!!

I has me a swift!!!! First wind was with StormMoonKnits Twilight Sock in 30 Days if Night.

Then play time with the Geo Trax.
The Dragon of Traxville!!!

In other news, knitting a little slow the past few days, thumb is bothering me agian. Hate to whine and complain, saw the orthopedist, had another steriod injection into the base of the thumb, uh ouch! MRI shows arthritis and partial tears of two of the tendons. If the steroid injection doesn't help, next will be surgery. oh yeah.

Ah well life goes on, hopefully be in form for Hat Attack in 2 weeks.


silfert said...

Hooray for clever spouses! Little Himself loves to watch his mama wind yarn.

Arthritis? Ugh. Want a copy of my Arthritis Mitten pattern if I ever get it written out?

Anonymous said...

that swift is amazing! did he just come up with it on his own? so creative!

Jen C said...

Yes my DH designed it himself!! He wants to build a stand for it next.

Jessa said...

hi mom!! I'm so glad that you got that swift that you've been wanting. It looks really good for a spur of the moment thing, miss you so much and Joe,see you soon, talk to you sooner(i hope)
Infinite love,