Saturday, July 18, 2009


Random thoughts and a dream.....If i had the money, investors, won the lottery....I would like to open a yarn store/cafe.
One or two bits of importance for NJ, adequate parking(the real dream, lol) and within walking distance to a train station I think. Hours to reflect my knitters; Mon - closed, Tues/thurs 12-8 Wed/Fri 10-5. alternating weekends Sat/sun 10-5 or 12-6.

Metuchen (a bit expensive maybe0 or new Brunswick (not as bad as you would think)

Free Wi-fi, computer for Knitty and Rav look ups. Tables that are not to wide and not to narrow with chairs, a couple of loveseats, not to deep, but comfy. Walls of yarn of course, samples galore, books, needles, hooks, tchokes every knitter can't live without.

and a shop kitty(short haired of course) ;p.

ahhhh to dream.....

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