Friday, July 10, 2009

Long Week

This has been a long week. Had a good 4th of july with the family and cousins. Joey really enjoyed the fireworks this year or as he calls the fire boomers, LOL.

Jess will be coming out next week, lots of ups and downs with that, but finally settled out.

Long week at work, lots accomplished and a couple of new projects on my horizon.

Violet has just about finished her swap package the last item came by owl this week and a productive trip to Diagon Alley finished up the items. Can't find the good camera, so the old digital it will have to be. Muggle item stayed where we left it. the good one(picked up on holiday 2 years ago) has developed legs again and wandered off. Maybe leave some fresh batteries out and it will come out of hiding, lol.

Very tired and heading for bed. Have a good weekend all!

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