Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yarn diet

Ok, been feeling real proud of myself. Hadn't bought any yarn for a while. Then I thought, hey how long have I been on my yarn diet really. 1 month to the day. 1 stinking month. Not that I haven't been checking out my favorite haunts looking, drooling over the keyboard, the Cherry Truffle from Cherry Blossom Fibers is currently my fav... But 1 month jeez... really felt like so much longer though at least since beginning of July maybe but no... This really sucks. Another month until Stitches, about 2 weeks to the NJ sheep and fiber thing in Hunterdon. Going to drag bring DH and Joey to it. Joey will love the petting zoo and kiddie stuff, so will DH oddly enough... and I can check out the booths and demonstrations.

But 1 month jeez again....

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