Thursday, October 11, 2007

I have been blessed again - Monkey Madness Strikes

I have been blessed by another generous swapper. out of 8 swaps so far this year I have received wonderfully generous packages from 6 of my upstream partners. Note 2 swaps are still pending shipping and receiving on both sides :-)

I received another wonderful generous package today from Linda and took pictures. Uhhh one small problem. I left the camera cord at work, darn it... I did take pics and will post as soon as i can get the cord. Hopefully tomorrow if I have time before I leave for Baltimore. Stitches East YIPPEEE!!!! If not will all be posted first thing Monday morning. Joey is sleeping with his new monkey blanket(made by Linda) and his monkey book, wouldnt let go, at least he wasnt jumping on the bed all night, lol.

The Reeses Peanut Putter cups with Banana cream(al a Elvis) are gone(side note I read Linda's blog post about these and laughed, wondering why I can't get the neat short run flavors up here) One bannana taffy is gone and the socks fit like a dream. Lot of other candy in the bag too...lemonheads, cherry heads, orange heads, Gummy Krabby patties(confiscated by the hubbie) Boston peanuts.. all great to munch on. Ahh yes and Laffy taffy in banana and Mango.

The pillow, I dont know if Joey will get it or I will, we may share.(Pillow case also made by Linda adn covered with pics of sock monkeys)

And the patterns, Good Lord there are a lot of sock patterns out there and I have a whole expanding file with some of them now. I haven't seen the Monkey sock Monkey pattern one in 20 years(my Grandmother made them for the kids once). It will be fun sorting through them to see which one to do first. The yarns are so soft and squishy. I love the Bannana Chocolate, the yarn too... and the opal I love how it works up glad to have another colorway in such warm colors. Cute magnet monkey too wrapped onto the yarn. And a barrell full of monkeys game, haven't played that in almost 30 years, my grandmother had it in the toy basket for all the grands to play with. Ahhh and last but definetely not least by any shot 4 handmade stitch markers with 2 monkeys and 2 with knitting themes in lovely shades of yellow and a set of 1.5 Brittany birch, I love the birch needles!!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful swap Linda!!!!


Valerie said...

Congrats on all the goodies dear!!

Bethany said...

Wow, you are lucky. I don't know how you keep up with all those swaps in your head. I can barely keep up with my one going on right now.