Monday, June 29, 2009

Letters from Camp

Hello from Camp!!!

Having a great time my first summer here. Lots to see and do!

We went fishing yesterday, we wanted to see what the muggles liked about it so much. Didn't work out to well, though. The monsterin the lake got mad at us for putting sharp hooks where her kids were swimming and then we spent the rest of the afternoon throwing the worms out to the baby lake monsters to catch.

We've had a couple of camp fires, lots of fun, singing, roasting marshmellows and the like.

Some practical stuff. Herbology is going well,learning lots about catnip, roses and seaweed and what to do with them.

Audited Care of Magical Creatures with a friend and that was really neat. She is learning so much about critters that change. Maybe next summer, sigh.

Well enough for know, got to go and practice for Charms! TTYL!!!


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