Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's in Your Trunk , Wingo and Part III and Wingo information

From: Violet
Week #1: New to Camp!
Part 1: "What's in your trunk?"List 10 items beginning with the same letter as your first name that you brought with you to camp.

1 - Vegetable tray (crunchy munchies to share ;o)
2 - Vicuna (minature pet) still working on the enlarging spell for... well you know
3 - Valerian plant
4 - Viola (have to keep in practice)
5 - Valkryie's (picture) up and coming minor Quidditch team all girls
6 - Voodoo doll (again practice makes perfect)
7 - V-neck sweater vest (Fair-isle WIP)
8 - Volcano rocks
9 - Vitriol (bottled)
10 - vitamins

Part II
G1 Draco Firewalker
G2 Hermione Bagnold 440 to my 349
G3 Luna Starlette
G4 Intarsia Bindoff - dragon "Bobbles"
G5 Fleur Dolhov - Spanish

Part III

For my Spoilee - Brandy aka OlliesMom - I can't wait to see the Funky Sock Monkey - looks like a really cool kit and fun colors!!!

For my spoiler - Vince aka Yarnguy - I am liking the beer Cozies!!

Wingo facts that may help others:

Live in Piscataway, NJ

In Ravenclaw

Patronus: Stag

in HSKS #3

born in November

Been on a train from Sacramento to LA

Like chocolate, gummie bears M&M's

I have been known to make stitch markers

Collect chopsticks and amber Depression glass

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