Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednsday and Summer Camp

Did the HSKS Summer Camp Wishlist. Over there to the right, on the top. Not much really, I tend to like anything sent to me :o). And I realy don't remember what I signed up for class wise so, LOL!

Puttering along, finished up some baby stuff for my GF who had a little boy beginning of June. Got a little ADD on the projects and made a few things and have even more to make, small things knit quick and satisfying to say the least to have something done in 4 hours!!

Catching up on my own projects. The Pi Shawl in Malabrigo lace weight (first Embrace the Lace shipment)
EZ Pi Shawl (July) about 3/4 through the first skein of Malabrigo and 576 stitches, winging the pattern now as I did the three patterns in the book already and will be improvising a lot, I think, to keep working it through the 2 skeins!!
Been working on my Camper Swap, made some definitive progress on her class(es), one or two more stops and should be all ready to go!! Ohh and another idea just hit me!!!

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