Friday, June 19, 2009


When we left out intrepid blogger back in April....

I was in the midst of madness, Sock Madness that is.

I made it to round 4 this year, 1 round more than last year!!

ROund 3 - Talia's Wings by Yarn Yenta aka Heatherly Walker

Done in BMFA Rare Gems. Pattern is hard to see in the pics but is gorgeous and I love wearing them!!

Round 4 Lucky Diamond by Melissa Goodale aka Stick Chick

Done in Cascade Heritage in Jade and All THings Heather Merino Tencel in Heliotrope. I was working on the toe for sock 2 when tantej finished and I called it a night! Still have 3 more pairs from this year queued up and will hopefully get around to knitting soon, lol.

The we move onto Sock Wars IV. Never posted about it this year. A quick round indeed. Mutual kills again and believe it or not it makes me happy.
I sent off Air Raid in Chameleon Colorworks Bamboo Merino in pink StaceyanNH

And died by Barcelona by Stacey aka skylark80 by ex-sanguination(aka Sanguine Gryphon Edios yarn!!!)

That is about it for now. New Joey pics in my flikr. Growing strawberries , tomatoes and peppers this year or at least trying they have sprouted(peppers and tomatoes) and been transplanted. Strawberries have produced 2 red ripes so far, very tasty too!!!

Planted some lavender seeds, see if they take this year, fingers crossed!!

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silfert said...

Wow. Just... wow. Those are some seriously awesome socks.