Saturday, July 21, 2007

small edit

apparently I do not know how to measure my foot circumfrance. Hopefully my swappers will read this. Mine is acutally 9" sorry for any errors or confusion. If you are already at the point of no return, Please do not frog its okay, I love comfie socks. I will know go not knit in a corner as punishment for my poor skills.

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Heather said...

I was on the sock forum. I saw your questions about socks. Well I'm fairly new at knitting socks to.This is the advice I got from an older friend who has been knitting for 30+ years. measure your ankle at the widest part. subtract 2 inches. do a 3x3 inch swatch and count the sts per inch. for example. your ankle is 9 inches around that would be 7 and your swatch is 7 sts per inch then you multiply 7 by 7 and that gives you your cast on. or you can try this website a friend showed me.